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Local Search Engine Optimization

Do You Know Why Local SEO Is Such A Big Deal? Here Are A Dozen Reasons Why:


1) 70 percent of all online searching is done using a local search engine or feature to find offline businesses.

2) Over two-thirds of small- and medium-sized companies and businesses in America are going to have a professional site online before 2018.

3) Over half of mobile searches are done so someone can find a local business.

4) Local SEO ROI is typically 40 percent higher than traditional lead sources.

5) One out of five Google searches is done looking for a local business or service.

6) More than 80 percent of all consumers use online reviews for guidance.

7) Almost two-thirds of consumers like seeing ads that have local extensions.

8) Over four in five smartphone users rely on their phone both before and during their shopping.

9) Over half of all mobile services result in a call or visit the same day of the search.

10) Local searches are almost always focused on getting an address or a location for a business.

11) Almost one in five local mobile searches results in a same-day purchase, which is almost triple the rate of non-local searching.

12) Your competitors already know and accept these facts, and if they’re not optimizing their sites with local SEO in mind, they’ve already done it!




Learn How We Provide Local SEO For You


Keyword Research Is Essential


Of all the pieces to the puzzle, this one might be the most critical part. A lot of search engine optimization businesses are going to optimize your website for as many as two or three dozen terms all at once. That might sound pretty good, but we know that three-quarters of your potential business is likely to come from only a fraction of that many terms.


For instance, the search phrase “Dentist San Diego” gets over a thousand hits a month, but “Poway Dentist” gets less than a tenth of that. We want you to get business leads, not something that looks great on some report.


Analysis of Your Competition


If you are in an industry that is highly competitive, then it’s essential that you analyze any websites that currently have top rankings for search terms you’re looking at jumping into. We have a robust kit full of useful tools that help us gauge how strong your competition is so we can devise the winning strategy that puts your business over the top.


Optimization For Both Local Maps & Search


Approximately half of mobile Internet users consider the physical address of a business, as well as a map to it or driving direcitons, to be the most critical pieces of website information out there. To make sure that your business has maximum exposure and visibility in your targetted area, we do local keyword optimization based on a schema markup. Not only do we enhance your listing on Google Maps, but we’ll even claim missing ones and then standardize your NAP data.


Citations In Local Business Listings


At our expert agency, we identify and reputable resources specific to your industry and then build your company or website citations on portals known to be high in search engine authority. These are sites like the Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, and Yelp, in many places.


We Localize Your Content Marketing


We have the talent and tools to create high-caliber content that is both informative and engaging. We then optimize it so that it attracts consumers local to you. With multimedia-rich blog posts, press releases, and infographics, we give your brand a helping hand in establishing authority and prominence within your service area or local market.


Building Links


Our search engine optimization link building techniques and tactics are purely white hat, so that we give you high-caliber backlinks coming from industry-appropriate and authoritative sites. These sites focus on either your niche, or closely related shoulder niches, and we use email outreach strategies that are time tested.


Website Design That Is Responsive To Mobile Users


We are never able to stress enough how critical it is that your site has a design responsive to mobile users. Almost two-thirds of consumers say that they’re more likely to do business with a local establishment that business’ site is optimized for mobile. Add that number to the percentage of local mobile searches winding up generating same-day purchases, and you’ll understand why mobile optimization can very much be the breaking point of your business, or the thing that makes it a winner.


Optimization For Social Media Profiles


We can provide social media profile management that develops and manages your online branding for your business. Facebook pages are appearing in more and more search results all the time, and Facebook itself is the source of almost a quarter of all traffic to many websites. That percentage is growing too. If links are the Lego building blocks the Internet is built of, Facebook is the toybox most of them are stored in. Twitter is an equally amazing platform for increasing social shares; that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll acquire links, but it’s great for getting the word out about your services and products.



We Are The Top SEO Experts In Our Area


We Get Search Engines To Trust Your Site


Getting a top position in a search engine is a matter of trust, as the sites that search engines trust are the ones they rank at the tops of pages to deliver the best results to their customers, the Internet users searching for things. We generate a broad array of different backlinks, as well as brand mentions, across the Internet, so that your website’s reputation is enhanced with any local search engines.


We Know That Real Marketing In 2017 Involves Local SEO


Google is always trying to get businesses out of the ‘SEO tricks’ game. You’ve possibly heard of updates from Google nicknamed things like Pigeon, Panda, Penguin, or even the Google Mobile Friendly Update. Such changes were earthquakes in the SEO realm when they first struck, and they still hit sites regularly today. If you search Google for ‘Panda SEO penalty,’ you’ll find hundreds of pages you can read.


We don’t take your business needs lightly. We keep up with what’s going on with Google’s algorithm and we’ll only generate positive press regarding your website on other sites that are relevant.


If You Search Our Own Local Terms, You’ll See Us Ranking On Google’s Front Page


If that doesn’t speak to our credibility, what does? Why would you ever throw money away using an SEO business that can’t even rank itself or its website? We’re guessing you found us because you searched for San Diego SEO in some way. We invest a lot of resources just into marketing our own site so that it has front-page visibility, and we can do the exact same for you too.


Contact Us Today


Email. Phone call. It’s up to you. Neither results in any of our consultants strong arming you into one of our many plans. Just give our agency a chance to show you how we’re able to grow your business.




Organic Search Engine Optimization

It’s A Huge Deal:


1) Despite Facebook’s growing link generation, search engines are still the top dog in pushing online traffic.

2) Four in five Internet users ignore paid ads, if they even see them. Organic search results get the primary focus of consumers.

3) Paid search’s average click-through rate is roughly 2 percent.

4) The two single-biggest activities online are search and email.

5) SEO usually leads to closing rates around 15 percent, more than seven times what traditional marketing efforts have.


So, Just How Does Organic SEO Actually Work?


It’s not too different from local search engine optimization, but there are a few critical differences. Organic SEO isn’t constricted to just physical businesses. Internet-only businesses can stand to benefit from it too. Backlinks are the heart of any organic search engine optimization campaign.


The Internet is based almost entirely on links. Without a link, how could you share a funny cat video with your family and friends on Facebook? How would you update playoff scores under the table at dinner or in a meeting? Everything you do online is done through links, and that fundamental nature of the Internet is not going to change in the near future, if ever.


Backlinks are also known as one-way links. It’s when a website makes a simple reference to another website through a video, image, or piece of text that is clickable. It’s almost like the referrer voting for your particular website. If that referring website is one a search engine trusts, then their link boosts your rankings for the terms you have chosen. Backlinks are basically a measuring stick for the virtual popularity of a site, and any boost in that virtual popularity means you are going to get higher rankings.


A domain or site can get a good boost to its popularity and trustworthiness just from backlinks that come from other domains and relevant sites that are in your sector or niche. However, you can also get good backlinks from sites outside your niche, given that their credibility is good.


Google algorithms get smarter all the time, so they’re starting to learn how they can differentiate what sort of links should naturally point to your site. Additionally, the purpose of a robust search engine optimization campaign is to gain backlinks that are highly converting. That’s why it’s critical that you hire a search engine optimization company which markets your site across the Internet appropriately.


How Does Our Company Do Organic SEO For You?


That answer only takes two simple words: link building!



Building Links For An Organic SEO Campaign


At the time of writing this, there is a trio of primary factors that impact organic search query results and organic search engine optimization campaigns. The first one is content, the second is links, and the third is Rank Brain. Given all that, we’re always enhancing our link-building services by experimenting with fresh tools and ideas while still making the most of the tried and true winners.


Some would argue that black-hat SEO still works, but search engines, particularly Google, are now using very mature artificial intelligence systems that just adore content produced by humans. In comparison, they more and more devalue content that is auto-generated and spammy. That’s why we emphasize white-hat tactics for building links only, and we put a great deal of energy, resources, and time into applying them for your business needs.


Airtight Content Strategy


The initial step in the direction of a winning link-building strategy is having a content strategy that is virtually foolproof. The days of hard-selling copywriting have passed, since consumers have learned to stay away from that sort of explicit advertising. Actually, they run from it like its bubonic plague. On the other hand, data-driven, pragmatic content is very much in demand. Strategists and content marketers are listening. Per CMI’s 2017 report, engaging and creative content is a top priority for many industry professionals these days.


Do You Know Why A Blog Is A Major Aspect Of Organic SEO?


1) Almost half of content marketers have said that their most critical content strategy is blogging.

2) Over two-thirds of content marketers in 2017 already boosted their use of blogging.

3) A business that has an active blog is over a dozen times more likely than one without to generate positive ROI.

4) An active blog almost doubles a business’ leads.

5) A blog that is updated frequently is an effective combination of several different content marketing efforts, as it can prove entertaining, engaging, practical, and engaging, or multiples of these all at once. Blog posts that see the most shares, and resulting links, are now often a minimum of a thousand words in length. That means that Google is obviously favoring high-caliber, in-depth content, as compared to more shallow blog updates, regardless of how routine they might be. When it comes to SEO content, cheap outsourcing is very much a thing of yesteryear.


The Email Outreach Technique


There’s certainly nothing new to email outreach, and that makes it an old reliable, because it still works. It’s just one of many white-hat tactics in your link building basket, and it’s effective in getting your content on people’s screens. A truly effective campaign of email outreach doesn’t just get your site’s content out there, but specifically in front of the eyes of those who influence your industry. Their backlinks are going to esteem your site with credibility and authority, and that’s going to boost your various rankings. It also means doing extensive research into when and how your blog content can add value to various sites.


Guest Posting


This is something that seems to have fallen to the wayside, likely due to negative reports that were overinflated. However, it’s still a tremendous strategy for building links. If you want high-caliber backlinks from something like guest posting, then the secret is the sites you post on. They need to be not only within your niche or sector, but also a high-quality site. Identifying such prime guest posting possibilities is the secret to white-hat links you can count on.